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A film series created to help you heal, sort through, & find freedom from past pain 

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The Trauma Series, Episode 4: Trauma, Abuse & Dating Pt. 2 with Kait Warman
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The Trauma Series, Episode 3: Trauma, Abuse & Dating Pt. 1 with Kait Warman
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The Trauma Series, Episode 2: Trauma, Family, & Mental Health with Ben Bennett
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A safe place for you to rest, mourn, heal, learn and to fully comprehend all that the Lord wants to do through you and the pain you’ve experienced!


I started this series with the hope of providing a safe place for women & men to come work through their experiences and hear honest conversations surrounding trauma and the role that it plays in our lives. In my own personal experience, this is an area where I’ve felt an absence of wisdom and direction from the church. Instead of feeling an outside pressure to internalize our pain, my prayer is that this series would begin to normalize the discussions around trauma, how to navigate through it, how to heal from it, and how to surround people in our lives who have experienced trauma.


These speakers and I have been praying over every single one of you for MONTHS leading up to this launch & I cannot wait to see how the Lord meets you over these next several weeks! I'm praying for you guys each and every day and that these episodes would impact your lives in mighty ways. I'm praying that you'll find breakthrough in areas you've prayed for, that you'll experience the Lord in new ways, and that you'll find the healing power of Jesus in the depths of our deepest & darkest wounds. 


Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Sydney Pritchard

Speaker + Content Creator + Founder of GGCE

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Download the workbook!

  • Speaker Information & Recommended Resources

  • Daily Questions & Challenges - designed to help you process & break free from negative habits or old thought patterns formed in trauma

  • Weekly Encouragement in processing each topic

  • Areas designed for note-taking & journaling for each video!


Monica Zuniga

Consultant + Communicator + Coach

Ben Bennett

Speaker + Author

Kait Warman

Author and Founder of Heart of Dating


Lexi Watson

Data Analyst + Organizing Assistant

Dr. Barbara Byers PhD

Counselor + Speaker + Writer

Courtney Gonzalez

Event Coordinator + Proud Mother of Twin Boys

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